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Weekly Fishing Report - Fishy Stories


Weekly Fishing Report - Fishy Stories

The world of angling is full of poignant thought provoking and amusing sayings:

_“A woman who has never seen her husband fishing doesn’t know what a patient man she married,”

“Old fisherman lives here… with the catch of his life,”

“Old fishermen never die, they just smell like they did,”_

And one that always brings a smile is:

“The fishing here is that poor even the liars are not catching,”

Fortunately at Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum that has not been the case over the past week with plenty of fish being brought to the net. Ronnie Ewen set the tone with fifteen on Monday and another fifteen on Wednesday virtually all on his skilfully tweeked cormorants.

During the week the fishing was steady with plenty of bags of seven and eight. Buzzers continues to be effective, Colin McDonald using them to attract sixteen, Pete Green sixteen and Albert Trail eleven.

The week ended with a real flourish. The last four names in the catch record B. Cumming, G. McKay, L. McKay and E. McKay recording scores of nineteen, ten, seventeen and fourteen respectfully! That fly the “various” being responsible for the action.
Finally, a reminder that the popular Winter Pairs is being held on Sunday 18th November at 9.30am. Entries, £20 including lunch and still being accepted at the fishery or on 01651 872787.

H.H 5/11/18.

The world of angling is full of poignant thought provoking and amusing sayings


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