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Weekly Fishing Report – Cool Conditions Suit Anglers


Weekly Fishing Report – Cool Conditions Suit Anglers

Well that’s April away and not much in the way of spring to report. The buds are slowly bursting, bringing a bit of colour into the hedges and woods, and the grass in slowly greening up. At Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum there are ducks, geese, swans and moor hens nesting around the three lochs but so far only one of the resident pair of ospreys has made it back from their winter quarters in West Africa. There is still time for a late arrival but the odds are that the survivor Branston will be looking for a new mate. There have been several visiting ospreys tucking into the Lochter rainbows but human fishers have been doing well also.

Double figure catches have been commonplace in the catch record with a wide variety of methods working. This suits anglers who can use their favourite technique with every prospect of success.

Among buzzer devotees were Peter Young with eighteen, R West with twenty, Ron Phillips from Elgin with sixteen and Dave Murray with twelve. The lure lads who also use the ‘various’ included Albert Trail with twenty-two. Graham Duthie with fifteen, D McLauchlan thirteen all on a white fritz, J West with eleven, Garry Morrison ten using a black and green lure, B Cumming eighteen, and Gordon McKay with twenty five. The Blobby Boys made their presence felt with twenty nine between them while L McKay used a yellow eggstasy to account for twelve and M McPherson found that ten trout found his okay dokey’s okay by them.

Forecast is for the weather to warm up by the end of the week. Let’s hope they got it right.

HH 30/04/18

Well that’s April away and not much in the way of spring to report.


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