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Weekly Fishing Report – Muckle Troot Fights ‘The Beast’


Weekly Fishing Report – Muckle Troot Fights ‘The Beast’

Down Lochter way for most of last week it was very much a write off as far as feasible fishing was concerned. However, when lesser stretches of water froze at the first cold gaze of the ‘beast’ the Muckle Troot loch tenaciously held on to its liquidity throughout the worst it could throw at it, as a beacon of fishing hope for those crazed eyed cabin fevered fishers of the North East.

At the very height of the storm a shadowy quartet of visitors arrived at the bothy but they felt unable to fish, as conditions weren’t ‘cold enough’! They wrote in the visitors’ book that their names were Scott, Shackleton, Amundsen and a flamboyant Eric the Red. They said very little as they warmed their hands around a mug of camp coffee and a penguin. The penguin wasn’t very happy about this but that’s intrepid explorers for you. As they trudged slowly and resolutely from the bothy Eric, who incidentally had pillaged a few Mars bars and a spool of 6lb Maxima, turned and said in understandable Eurovision Norse ‘We’re heading South’ and with that their ghostly figures were gradually lost from sight as the white cloak of the ensuing blizzard shrouded them from sight as if they had never existed!

Back to reality and those intrepid fishers who did emerge had good sport and reported that the fish they caught were in great condition and very much up for a fight.

Rhys West had a great session landing 15 fish on a variety of lures, which he had the satisfaction of having tied himself. Closely behind him, his fishing partner Stuart Crocket had 14 fish also on a variety of lures. Pete Young fished the Muckle Troot and was rewarded with 9 fish, which he got on hares ears and buzzers. Graham Birnie from Inverurie had 7 fish, one being a lovely 8 lber and he got them on a combination of cormorants and bloodworm. Bill Gray had 5 fish on bugs, Mark Reid also had 5 fish this time on okay dokays and Andy Paterson had 3 fish on lures.

At time of writing there is fishing available on all 3 lochs and there is a fair amount of Lochter regulars taking advantage of this.

We have had a tsunami of entrants for the Spring Singles now rescheduled for Sunday the 8th of April so it should be a great day out. There is still plenty time to put your name down – contact Stuart at the Bothy on 01651 872787.

Tight Lines
SP 06/03/18

Down Lochter way for most of last week it was very much a write off as far as feasible fishing was concerned


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