Corporate Entertainment, Events, Away Days and Team Building at Lochter Activity Centre in Aberdeen

Lochter Activity Centre has exclusive conference suites that are fully licensed and can cater for up to 350 delegates inside or over 1,000 in a marquee. At Lochter, we have 2 separate conference rooms with a dedicated events team to help make your day a success. 

Mix business and pleasure!  

Choose from a selection of activities and we can tailor-make your corporate day out! 

Sample itinerary for Corporate Entertainment and Team Building:

Meet your colleagues and enjoy some bacon rolls and coffee in the Bennachie lounge, before settling down to get some work done, which is always easier in the beautiful surroundings of Lochter with Bennachie in the background!   Have a break for lunch then choose up to 4 fast paced activities for the afternoon!  This can be followed by a buffet dinner or BBQ and drinks from our well stocked bar!  We can also organise a disco and band to really get the party started!

Lochter is only 30 minutes from Aberdeen City Centre.  Transport can be arranged, taking you to and from Lochter so you don't have to worry about driving.

Strengthen Your Team at Lochter

Team orientated events and activities are great for strengthening the team bond within a group. It is important to keep team morale high and what better way of doing this than taking them out of their everyday working environment and putting them in situations that require them to communicate, listen and act together for the success of a task.

At Lochter, some of our more team orientated activities include:

Team Raft Building

- The team has all the individual equipment laid out, each team has the same materials. The aim is to figure out how to build a raft that not only floats but stays together as they paddle across the pond and back in the quickest time. The task requires each individual to problem solve and communicate in the most effective manner.

Sheep Dog Trials

- This is not only very rewarding but also pretty entertaining. One member of the team is nominated as the shepherd (team leader) and they are given a list of commands that they are to teach their sheep (rest of the team), the sheep are then blindfolded by masks that look like sheep and guided through a course together. This activity requires good communication and listening skills and one person to show their leadership.

Team Grass Skiing

- This activity has the team attached to a large pair of grass ski’s, they then need to work together to complete a course facing small obstacles along the way. This is a timed challenge and works on good co ordination.

The Team Tent Challenge

- This is far more challenging than it sounds and works on so many aspects of the team, communication, co ordination, adaptability as members get swapped around in their roles half way through and trust. A certain number of people in the team are unable to see, some are unable to hear and some are unable to speak, they then have to help each other build a 8 man tent successfully. This can also be a timed challenge to add the element of competition.

Tyred and Exhausted

- The team is required to get from the starting point to the finishing point all together using only a certain number of tyres, participants are not allowed to touch the ground so everyone has to move together. If someone touches the ground a tyre is removed, making this timed challenge even more challenging.

Double Kayaking Challenge

- This challenge requires the team to work together to complete. A course is set up on the water, participants are to pair up and paddle out to complete this course. Our kayaks are sit on top, so capsizing is very unlikely. It is important for people who are taking part in this challenge to paddle together to gain the top scores and points.

4X4 Blindfold Driving

- In pairs, this challenge is great for strengthening communication and listening skills. The driver is blindfolded and the passenger acts as the sat nav around an obstacle course. This is a timed challenge so the better everyone listens to each other the better scores they and their team will receive.

Minefield Challenge

This is the ultimate team challenge which requires the group to work together through a maze of ‘mines’ successfully in the quickest amount of time. Each time a ‘mine’ is hit, participants are required to go back to the start… did we mention the participants are blindfolded and being guided by another team member through the course? It is up to you whether you think it is more efficient to get the whole team through in one go or one person at a time.

The Crate Freight Exercise

- *Wet Activity* Please make sure you take along a spare set of clothes and a towel. This activity can be restricted to only 2-3 people getting wet. This activity starts off with two double kayaks attached together and a heap of crates that are required to be transported from the start of the course to the end. This activity is on the water, with crates piled high, the obstacles include a bridge to fit under and keeping the tower stable throughout. This activity requires the team to use their time effectively and communicate their ideas in the most efficient way.

Bridge Building

- *Wet Activity* Please make sure you take along a spare set of clothes and a towel. This activity can be restricted to only 2-3 people getting wet. The team is given a selection of materials all laid out, with these materials the group is required to successfully build a bridge that will then allow everyone to walk across the pond without getting wet. The aim of this activity is to strengthen communication, build on construction skills, planning, learning basic knot tying whilst working together as a team. This is a tried and tested activity so we know a bridge can be built to sustain people walking across.

‘Beach’ Volleyball

- Is as it sounds. We have a large sand area where groups can be teamed up to play volleyball.

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